Wedding Decor

Balloon wedding decor is an exacting, "get it right the first time" activity that often requires the collective efforts of more than one balloon professional to achieve the desired, elegant result. For these activities we at Beautiful Balloons regularly join with other professional balloon artists to help produce each other's wedding decor. This approach helps us keep abreast of the latest in balloon decor trends and construction techniques. 

While many flower shops and dollar stores may offer wedding balloon decor as a sideline, decorating with balloons is our specialty. When you let us produce your unique balloon decorations, you can be assured of receiving balloon arrangements that are professionally produced...the first time, every time.

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Balloon Cloud

Balloon Cloud

Touch of Lace
 Dance Canopy

Touch of Lace
 Dance Canopy

Candle Table


Hearts of Love

Floating Fun for Guests

Home Wedding Decor

Pearls n' Sprials

Table Decor

Happy Couple

Gold and Silver
 Entrance Arch

Touch of Lace
 Dance Canopy

Touch of Lace Dance Canopy

Head Table

Cake Table

Elegant Dance

Tapered Entrance Arch

Through The Entrance Arch

Night Effects

Sparkling Columns

Table Decor

Table Decor

Photo Backdrop

Dance Floor

Dance Column

Entrance Decor

Balloon Launch

Wedding Heart

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Let us custom design the wedding decor of your dreams with our exquisite wedding balloons!



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