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We Offer Training and Consulting In:

Project Management

Problem Solving

Work Systems Analysis

Customer Service

Process Analysis 

Organization Development

Leadership Development

Team Building

Time Management

Superior Speaking

Basic Core Competencies

Hiring Superior Employees

New Product Development



We incorporate your organization's real work into our training --- not fake academic exercises!

Today, business has a lot of work to do. Why have your people learn with fake, academic classroom exercises when they could be learning with real work from your own organization? It is hard to justify taking productive people off of real organization work during work hours and ask them to perform exercises that have absolutely no relationship to either their real jobs or the organization they work for. 

At KCB Associates, we believe the most effective learning occurs when people learn how to better perform their real, on-the-job-work.

The "hands-on" exercises created during our training seminars are based on issues and challenges drawn from your people's own work experiences that they bring with them to the seminar. Your people then apply the techniques we give them in class to begin building real solutions to real company issues and challenges. What is even more important is that the seminar participant (now seminar graduate) takes these solutions back to the job with them to use as patterns with their co-workers in addressing other pressing company issues. Thus, our approach makes job transfer --- the main goal of training --- complete.

We customize our training and consulting approach to fit your organization's specific needs.

Because seminar participants bring real work situations with them from your organization to all of our seminars, our training is automatically tailored to fit your specific needs. Thus, your company's philosophy, methodologies, management structures, leadership styles, development tools, systems and organizational culture are all taken directly into account and then incorporated into our training approach for your organization.

And, because we come to your work or job location to conduct the training, your organization saves scarce resources, both in organizational travel expense as well as   time away from the job for your people.  

We encourage management's "hands on" involvement throughout.

A common deficiency in training is that management is often left out --- not connected in any way to the training. We believe that training should follow top management's direction. Top management sets the overall vision for the organization -- its mission, objectives and strategies. We firmly believe that training should help enable your employees to fulfill that vision. We also believe that management should be given an opportunity to both see and participate in the final results of training. That is why we invite top managers to sit in on the final sessions of the training seminars we provide.

We use experienced consultants who understand and appreciate your business.

Our multidiciplined consultants have many years of "hands on" experience in a number of different areas in business. Our staff includes degreed professionals with broad experiences in manufacturing, engineering, information technology, accounting, human relations, training and education as well as leadership and management. We believe your people can better relate to consultants who have similar educational backgrounds and work experiences.

We offer low-risk, "pay-as-you-go" training and consulting.

We firmly believe that training and consulting should be mutually beneficial and should not create excessive, long-term dependency on our services. This is why our long term consulting agreements include a provision that either party can cancel the agreement at any time. If cancellation occurs, the only money due is for work already accomplished. We believe this "cancel-at-any-time" approach greatly reduces your overall financial and organizational risk.

We all want success. However, when insurmountable issues do occur, your exposure is greatly lessened.


Benefits Of Our

One way of doing things (project management, systems, problem solving, etc.) gives exponential productivity improvement throughout the organization.

Spaced learning minimizes work interruption while maximizing the learning process.

Outstanding team-building opportunities extend back to the job.

Reasonable cost.

"Hands on" training approach increases employee retention and positively influences employee attitudes.

Long term training option lowers long term costs.

"Pay-as-you-go" approach minimizes organizational financial risks.

Happier customers.

Lower costs with improved productivity.

Lowered stress for upper and middle managers

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