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We Offer Training and Consulting In:

Project Management

Problem Solving

Work Systems Analysis

Customer Service

Process Analysis 

Organization Development

Leadership Development

Team Building

Time Management

Superior Speaking

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Here is a partial listing of our most popular training seminars. Customized seminars on related subjects tailored to your organization's specific needs can also be arranged on request.
ontact us for details.

Project Management (Basic) Seminar (2 days). Attendees create a 4-part plan for any work or personal project and develop their innate abilities to work with anyone, in or out of your organization, on projects. The seminar is compatible with any software program or methodology, as well as with any Project Management Institute (PMI) or Project Management Professional (PMP) approach. Seminar attendees develop skills in working with graphic project management tools and techniques (such as Work Breakdown Structures (WBSs) and Networks) to make project meetings and communications far more productive.

Project Management (Advanced) Seminar
(2 days)
Attendees create a 7-part plan for any work or personal project. They will also develop skills in advanced project management techniques such as risk analyses, time estimating, discretionary and non-discretionary time differences, and project management software selection. Attendees will also present a 7-part project plan to a customer audience and develop skills in ways to achieve a "go" from top management to proceed with their projects.

Systems Seminar (2 days). Attendees will learn skills and techniques to improve a system or process (improve quality or reduce waste, time or cost). They will also learn ways to better understand the nature of work and work systems, the use of System Charts templates, as well as ways to conduct Systems Studies. Emphasis is placed on how to use the 20 different charts used for systems work and how to conduct both systems and project analyses. Attendees will also be able to understand and apply Japanese systems terms and definitions to their systems work.

Customer Service Seminar (1 day). Attendees will learn skills and techniques to improve the overall quality and timeliness of customer service. They will also learn ways to better understand both the "nuts and bolts" as well as the human side of customer service interactions and how to best handle different kinds of customers.  Emphasis is placed on specific actions that can be taken to bring disappointed  customers back into a state of satisfaction. Attendees will also learn and practice a variety of coping skills to successfully deal with even the most irate customers.  

Problem Solving Seminar (2 days). Attendees will learn how to attack and solve just about any structured problem, and how to work with other people in a common way of problem solving. The seminar places emphasis on developing the use of common terminology as well as techniques for developing systematic, rational, and verifiable solutions to both organizational and manufacturing problems. Attendees will also develop skills in ways to prevent potential problems from killing solutions, as well as in developing common frameworks for communicating problem solutions to upper management for appropriate action.

Effective Listening Seminar (1/2 Day). Attendees will learn how to recognize, minimize or avoid a number of barriers to effective listening that often result in organizational confusion and frustration. The seminar places emphasis on understanding each individual's own listening habits. Attendees will also develop skills in ways to change those listening habits by introducing the tactful use of questioning and feedback into their communications with others.

Management Seminar (Peter Drucker) (2 days). Attendees develop skills in better understanding corporate structures (stockholders to boards of directors) and how to better manage people using management by objectives techniques. Emphasis is placed on how to apply innovative techniques for new product development as well as in establishing new business units.

Time Management Seminar (1/2 day or 1 day). Attendees will learn techniques in how to get more done in less time, how to have more time for sleep, reading, exercise, personal relationships, as well as hobbies and other interests. Emphasis is placed on developing ways to gain more control over your life and how to enjoy life rather than be driven by it.



Benefits Of Our

One way of doing things (project management, systems, problem solving, etc.) gives exponential productivity improvement throughout the organization.

Spaced learning minimizes work interruption while maximizing the learning process.

Outstanding team-building opportunities extend back to the job.

Reasonable cost.

"Hands on" training approach increases employee retention and positively influences employee attitudes.

Long term training option lowers long term costs.

"Pay-as-you-go" approach minimizes organizational financial risks.

Happier customers.

Lower costs with improved productivity.

Lowered stress for upper and middle managers


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