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We Offer Training and Consulting In:

Project Management

Problem Solving

Work Systems Analysis

Customer Service

Process Analysis 

Organization Development

Leadership Development

Team Building

Time Management

Superior Speaking

Basic Core Competencies

Hiring Superior Employees

New Product Development





Let us provide your organization with timely, effective and affordable
"Helpful Help"! 

Our Approach....

We incorporate your organization's real work into our project management and other training --- not fake academic exercises.

We customize our training and consulting approach to fit your organization's specific needs.

We conduct our training seminars on site at your  work or job location, thereby significantly lowering your costs. 

We encourage both student and management's "hands-on" involvement throughout.

We use experienced consultants who understand and appreciate your business.

Keith C. Baker, BA, MSA, MHR
KCB Associates





KCB AssociatesTM
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Who We Are

Since 1994, KCB Associates has proudly served small business, government and corporate clients throughout North America with a diversified array of professionally designed and expertly delivered training and consulting services. 

Our goal is to continually provide our corporate and small business clients with professionally designed and delivered, "helpful help" without also creating extended dependency on our services. 

We also offer low-risk, "pay-as-you-go" training and consulting.  Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee!

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